Implant Procedure Briefly Explained

The dental implant procedure is fairly complex and does require extensive reading for you to derive knowledge and future benefit. For the time being the dental implant procedure milwaukee explanation can be done in no more than two brief parts. First up is a brief description of the dental implant. And then this note closes off on how the dental evaluation will proceed. Dental implants are made from titanium.

dental implant procedure milwaukee

The implants itself are actually quite small. They will be surgically placed into the jawbone in the areas where teeth are missing. These posts act as metal anchors and they in turn act as tooth root substitutes. Bone will heal directly onto the surface of the titanium. This is a process referred to as osseointegration. It helps in creating a strong foundation for the artificial teeth. Small posts that protrude through the gums will be attached to the implant.

But long before a patient reaches the stages of the actual dental implant procedure, he or she will be required to go through a full evaluation which could very well involve more than one specialist consultant. Whether it is for a single implant or for multiple implants, the dental implant procedure remains complex. For instance, not even the orthodontist will be qualified to do the actual surgery. What he will be doing is delivering all specifications to the specialist oral surgeon.

Alongside of doing bone grafting work, if necessary, a plastic surgeon could also be roped in for the duration of this procedure. The evaluation needs to be privy to the patient’s health history. The evaluating practitioner also needs to know if the patient is currently taking any prescribed medication for other treatment elsewhere. Implant procedures can take as little as three months complete and as long as two years even.